Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alex Rodriguez

I though that you all my like to know that I am teaching an investigator named Alex Rodriguez (sorry, he´s not A-Rod the famous Yankee Baseball player).  Actually his name is "Alejandro", but he gos by "Alex".  He is actually going to get baptized this Saturday.

He told us Monday that he had been praying for a couple of weeks to know if the church is true and that he had had a dream that he thought might be his answer.  He told us that in that dream that he was reading the book of Mormon, when a group of teenagers came up to him and wanted to fight.  In his dream, he decided to pray for help.  He said that as he was praying that I and a group of other Elders that he didn´t recognize appeared and started to talk to the angry teenagers.  The group of teenagers dispersed and a few of them decided to enter a nearby church while others simply left from his sight.  Later when the teenagers left the church, Alex decided to give them his Book of Mormon.  They accepted, went on their way and the dream ended.

"Do you feel like that dream was an answer from God to your prayers?" I asked.
"Do you think that the book of Mormon is true?"
"Si.  Sé que lo es."  (Yes I know that it is)

Sorry, I´m out of time, but I just wanted you to know that Alex is awesome and that he will be getting baptized this Saturday.  And that he decided to go on a 2 hour trip to Oran, Argentina, where his girlfriend was with her family for summer vacation, so that he could give her a Book of Mormon.

Elder Casdorph

Monday, January 6, 2014

Seguimos en Bermejo

The transfers came and I´m still in Bermejo! (which is what I was hoping for by the way)  My companion is still here in the same area too.  This is my companion´s last transfer cycle which means that I will get the chance to "kill" him (they say ´kill´ or ´die´ when someone finishes their mission and ´birth´ when someone arrives in their first area).  That also means that it´s pretty much a sure thing that I will stay in Bermejo for 2 more transfer cycles so that I can show my new companion the area after Elder Galarza leaves.  Right now, we´re in Santa Cruz for an important meeting, but our flight was many hours before the meeting, so my companion and I asked for permission to go to one of my old areas (Jardín del Sur) because my companion also served in the same area, and we want to go visit our converts.  The whole ´Noche Blanca´ thing has been working really well here in Bermejo, so we decided to program another one for January 25th.  Anyway, we want as much time as we can get to go visit our converts while we are in Santa Cruz, so I´ll have to write more next week.