Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bueno Chiste

"Whole district with our new jerseys"

Not much new has happened this week. Everyday, I just learn Spanish, practice teaching, eat, study, and not play anywhere near as much soccer as I want to.  I am excited for the teaching to be real and meaningful, but also a little bit worried about the field. The excitement definitely outweighs my worries though.    

"This is just a picture that I really like because Nephi isn´t
ridiculously ripped like he is in every other picture.  I also
like that it is a picture of the boat actually in progress." 
On Friday, Elder Christopherson of the quorum of the 12 is coming to speak to us and the 5 missions in Lima.  I will be singing in a choir for that and the whole experience should be pretty awesome.  A few days ago, some of the teachers convinced us that he had come early and wanted to talk to all of us.  We franctically cleaned our district room, organized all of our books and straightened our ties in preparation for his coming.  After doing so, the teachers informed us that they had lied and were happy that we did such a good job of cleaning our room, but Elder Christopherson was not actually there.  They laughed at us a little bit, and we congratulated them for their bueno chiste [courtesy translation from Andrea: good joke, although according to Google, he should have said "buen chiste"].  It should be pretty sweet when he actually comes though.

Sorry for the short email, but that´s all I´ve got this week. 

 Until next time,
 Elder Casdorph

[Good thing he sent me lots of pictures. - A]

Top: "An armored police car thing and a random guy who walked in front of the camera."
Bottom: "The fattest flying bird I have ever seen."

Some of the sights of Lima.

Left: "Elder Cann, my American companion"
Right: "Elder Franco, my awesome Latino companion who I miss now"

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