Monday, September 9, 2013

Bermejo Part 2

I would like to tell you all a bit more about Bermejo.  Bermejo was formerly part of the mission Cochabamba, Bolivia, but is now part of the Santa Cruz mission due to the mission split in Santa Cruz.  This is the first transfer cycle in which missionaries from the Santa Cruz mission have entered into Bermejo, so the majority of the missionaries here are from the Cochabamba mission.  The Cochabamba mission was extremely loose in regards to following the mission rules, so many of the missionaries have a lot of trouble with obeying the rules and as their district leader, I will be helping them to obey better.

We have an investigator who is a member referral.  When we talked to him for the first time, he told us that he had a Book of Mormon, he read it all, and that he knew that it is true.  He wants to get baptized, but he didn´t want to come to church because he had a bad experience with a member at church.  After teaching him 2 or 3 times, he asked us, "I have to go to church, don´t I".  "Yeah, yeah you do," I replied.  He came to church yesterday and stayed for the whole 3 hours and is excited to get baptized the 28th of September.

In other news, Bermejo is hot...really hot.  Spring is just barely starting and I´m already dying of heat.  I don't think I´ll ever think of Utah summer as hot ever again because I´m pretty sure that the peak of summer in Utah is like the winter here.

Elder Casdorph

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  1. Elder Jack, you're almost in Argentina territory. How big is the branch (Ward?) in Bermejo?) I haven't been keeping up with your weekly posts, but you have been faithful in keeping the ward posted on things. Don't know if you heard, but the wards in the stake were reapportioned this last Sunday. I think you are still in the 8th Ward. But we are now in the 10th ward. and there was a new ward made in the stake too. Saw your Dad on Sunday. He's got a mustache now. Keep hanging in there. Br. Aaron