Monday, December 30, 2013

Navidad en Bermejo

Christmas went pretty well here. Christmas Eve we went caroling in the central plaza.  My companion and I sang a solo in English, well actually I sang a solo, he sang a solo, and then we sang together.  To those of you who have heard the song, we sang the Sheep Song written by my sister, Andrea Fife.  If I can get the internet to cooperate, I will send a video.

[From the editor: Jack said the video was too big to email.  He had to convert it to audio.  It's not great quality (tons of background noise), but it was fun to listen to Jack's voice (Kirk says he's developing quite a vibrato) and to hear the second part sung with an accent.  I feel pretty honored that my song made it to another country.]

We spent Christmas morning carpiendo (doing a service Project of cutting the weeds in a member´s lot with a machete).  Then after an asado (delicious barbeque with grilled beef and arroz con queso [arroz con queso means rice with cheese, but it´s way tastier than it sounds]) we proselyted for a couple of hours and then got to talk to our families in Skype.  This week went pretty well for everybody.  Bermejo has now gone from being the zone that only had one baptism in 3 months to being the best zone in the mission for 2 months in a row.

The next exchanges are this Wednesday, and I hope that I can stay in Bermejo.  It´s awesome now, because Bermejo is a small town, so everywhere I go, I see investigators and recent converts from the other areas.  I have really grown to love that small town friendliness that exists between the members, the missionaries and the people in general.

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