Monday, June 2, 2014

Simples testimonios

Last week a wrote about a lasseon that we had where a few testimonies changed everything.

When we visited that same investigator again we asked her: "Did you pray to ask God if our message is true."
"Yes, I prayed and .... I felt very calm, then I had a dream .. and in my dream somebody told me that it's true."
"Do you think that that was an answer from God?"
"Will you continue preparing to be baptized on June 21?"

(a bit later) "Will you attend church with us this Sunday"
"Yes, but I went to church Sunday and you guys weren´t there, and I felt uncomfortable so I left."
With excitement and confusion, we asked, "What church did you go to?"
"Where you guys told me!  The bus stop of bus number 4!"
"No sister, our church is next to the bus 53 stop."
"Oh, that expains why I didn´t like that church!"

She did try to go to church, but she was a bit confused and went to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Yesterday, she went to the right church and liked it a lot. Her son didn´t want to leave the primary because he was having so much fun coloring in a CTR sheild.

Helen will be getting baptized June 21st.

Elder Casdorph

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