Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elsa and Ismael

This week was pretty good.  We had an investigator, named Elsa, who was coming along nicely and wanted to get baptized, but at the end of December and we were thinking more like this Saturday.  We had invited her to pray about if she should get baptized on this date and last Monday, we asked her how this prayer went. "¡Buenisimo!" she replied, and then proceeded to tell us that she had received a definite answer that she should be baptized on that date.  Yesterday she passed her baptismal interview and everything looks set for Saturday.  She will be my first baptism where I was there from the beginning to the end and took part in every lesson, because the others were investigators from other missionaries before us or children of less-active parents who had taught their children most everything, they just never got baptized.

Another investigator, Ismael, has been coming along fairly well in the lessons but never comes to church. On Saturday, we taught him about the Sabbath day for the 3rd or 4th time, and this time it actually stuck.  He asked what he should do about clothes cause he didn´t have dress clothes to wear to church.  We replied that the clothes didn´t really matter but if he wanted to he could borrow a shirt and tie from my companion.  On Sunday we were hopefully waiting for him, but church started and he wasn't there.  About half an hour later, he showed up with his kids, and for some reason in a soccer jersey rather that his shirt and tie.  We didn´t get to talk to him cause we had to go do some baptismal interviews in another ward, but we have an appointment with him today.

Wish I could tell more, but I´m practically out of time and still need to write my mission president, so until next time,

-Elder Casdorph

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