Monday, October 29, 2012

"¡Muy tarde!" - "Adrian! Hey, Adrian!"

We believe the there was a hate crime performed on the chapel in my area.  All we know is that at about 5:30 pm the chapel was on fire and there was nobody inside the chapel gates.  The fire continued and nearly burned down the entire building.  At this point you might be severely worried about the state of my chapel and of the church in Bolivia, but the truth is that there was no hate crime and the chapel did not burn down, but a building right next to it that has absolutely nothing to do with the church did burn down.

Many of the members, however saw the fire from the same point of view as the first pic and thought that the chapel was on fire.  The whole neighborhood came to watch the fire and some took advantage of the situation and started selling drinks and snacks just like at a sporting event.  The firemen, however didn´t show up until like an hour and a half or 2 hours later and when they did come, a bunch of the people yelled,"¡Muy tarde!" at them.  Eventually they did get the fire stopped and all is fine now.  Also, just in case anybody is still worried, the chapel did not burn down, it was a different building.

On another note, I was supposed to have a baptism on Thursday, but as the hermana that was supposed to get baptized showed up, she informed us that she had been talking with her mom earlier in the day.  She told her mom that she planned to get baptized in the Mormon church.  Her mom then told her that when she was 8 she and her whole family got baptized.  Our investigator was a member already, she just didn´t remember her baptism!  We still have to find her records to verify that she truly was baptized, but as of now, there is no baptism and it looks like rather than converting a nonmember, we activated an inactive member.

On a completely different note, my companion went to the dentist for only the second time in his life (the 1st time was to get the OK to go on the mission).  He got to experience having his face numbed for the first time as well, which was rather amusing to me(a seasoned veteran in dental matters).  He spent 15+ min poking himself in the face and laughing at himself talking funny.  When he saw his reflection, he said that he looked like Rocky Balboa and proceeded to yell, "Adrian! Hey, Adrian!" with his best impression of Rocky.  I´m glad to know that even those who don´t speak English like to make fun of this part of Rocky.

-- Elder Casdorph

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