Monday, November 5, 2012

Four Months

Things are going well here.  I can communicate and even joke with people now.  It´s difficult, but I can usually do it. Also, the family that I live with wants to try to do a Thanksgiving dinner.  It won´t be the same, because here they don´t have some of the essential elements such as gravy or my family, but the fact that they want to try is nice.

We have not found any baptismal records for Elsa (our investigator who on the day of her baptism informed us that she was already a member) so we are either going to baptize her again or for the first time at an undetermined time during this week. Ismael (our investigator who asked to borrow a white shirt and tie to go to church, but still hasn´t worn them) will also be baptized this week on Saturday.

There is not much to report here this week other that the hotness of Santa Cruz continues to get hotter as we are entering into the summer season.  Next week, I should be able to include pictures of a smiling Ismael and Elsa dressed in white, and ready to enter the waters of baptism.

-Elder Casdorph

p.s. I officially have 4 months in the mission now as of today.

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