Monday, November 26, 2012

Barefoot Soccer and Bolivian Santa

Nothing much to report this week, things are going decently with the new companion and we´re teaching and knocking on doors and doing the missionary stuff.  This Wednesday was the Census for all of Bolivia and apparently here, it´s against the law to leave your house in the morning on census day.  The missionaries were all told that we couldn´t leave our house for the whole day.  We studied, we slept, washed clothes and slept.  At about sixish, the Census had been over for a long time, and the majority of the people were out playing in the streets.  Right outside of our house was a group of members playing soccer in the street.  Wanting to play, my companion and I agreed that the portion of street was directly in front of our house, so by going into the street we weren´t technically leaving our house.  I got to play soccer barefoot in the street just like a little latino boy and it was a blast.

It´s weird to think that we are in the Christmas season as there is no sign of snow, Christmas lights, and few Christmas trees.  In fact, the most common Christmassy thing that I see are posters of Santa in a red-striped swimming suit drinking a pepsi.

Until Next Time
Elder Casdorph

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