Monday, February 4, 2013


This week was turned out to not be the investigator finding jamboree that I had planned.  Monday afternoon, I had some pretty bad back pain.  I ignored it of course and left at 6:00 just like every p-day to go out and proselyte. The back pain was soon joined by a strong migraine as well as pain and general fatigue in every part of my body.  It turned out to be Dengue, a common mosquito-transmitted disease here.  It´s usually described as feeling like all of the bones in your body are broken.  I can now testify that that description is a huge overexaggeration.  While it doesn´t feel like every bone has been broken, it does feel like someone has taken the liberty of punching every single bone and joint while you were sleeping.  It´s also accompanied with with high fever, lack of appetite, and a lack of desire to do anything.  For me it also meant a week-long migraine that severely hindered my ability to think and consequently, my ability to speak Spanish.  I would like to assure any worriers out there that I feel better now, and I only have the last symptom of general itchiness.  I´m told that this means that the Dengue is basically over.

Due to this, I had to rest all day Tuesday and Wednesday and the following days were part rest and part work.  I am now feeling better, however, and in this next week we will be doing the planned investigator-finding jamboree.

Despite my sickness, it still turned out to be a great week as the family that we were teaching where the dad has now read all of 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi, and Jacob, finally came to church this Sunday.  They should be getting baptized the 23 of February.

Until Next Time,
Elder Casdorph

p.s.  I probably won´t send anything next week because we are going to be closed up in the house for the 3 days of Carnival, the holiday here that is basically 3 days of drinking, all sorts of sin and craziness in the streets.  During these days, the missionaries go to church, but other than that, we don´t leave the house, not even to write some emails home.

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