Monday, January 28, 2013

Man in the Mirror

Sadly, Omar and Maria still haven´t gotten married or baptized.  It´s very likely that they will get their papers this week, but if not you probably won´t be hearing any more about them because we´ve done what we can, now it´s up to them to do their part, and if they don´t we´re not gonna lose any more time teaching a family that can´t progress any more and get baptized.

We´ve had a fairly down week or 2 as one of our families can´t get married without the papers, and our other family (with the dad who has now completed 2 Nephi, a feat which many members haven´t done) still hasn´t come to church because they want to go with every single member of the family together, but there´s always a kid that is working or out of town.  Other than these 2 families, we have hardly anybody, so we will be spending the next few weeks finding some new people and building them up.

In other news, I did something this week that I never thought I would do in my mission.  I used Michael Jackson lyrics in a lesson.  A less-active member was saying that he stopped going to church because he didn´t feel like the members were doing enough to help grow and strengthen the church.  I replied, "It´s as Michael Jackson says, ´if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change´" saying it first in English and then later translating it.  I also explained that he had to start with the "man in the mirror".  While it may have been a little unorthadox, it was what I felt that I needed to say and it worked out pretty well.  I invite all of you to "take a look at yourself and make the change" as well.

Until Next Time,
Elder Casdorph

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