Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Parte 2 (plus Uñero and Omar y Maria)

Falta de agua 

We did find some keys to the font but had the new problem that as we were filling up the font, it filled up a bit, but then the water stopped flowing. We soon discovered that we had somehow used up all of the water that the chapel had to offer, and it still wasn´t enough. Not knowing what to do, we searched for sources of water outside. We found a few spiggots, but they were all dry. We later found what is basically a giant concrete sprinkler box that was - for some reason - full of relatively clean water. We decided to take a few garbage cans, scoop up the water, and then pass it through the window to dump into the font. It was a bunch of work, but we managed to eventually fill up the font and have a beautiful baptismal service the following day.


For the past month or two, I´ve had an uñero (in-grown toenail). For the first month of having it, I just ignored it and hoped it would go away.  It got pretty ugly after playing soccer like a month ago, so I took the pic that you see and decided to go to a doctor.  He said it was infected, and he didn´t want to cut the nail out for fear of more infection. H e gave me some antibiotics to clear out the infection, and it started looking better, but every time that I returned to the doctor, he was unwilling to do anything for fear of infection.  2 weeks ago, I decided to call the mission president´s wife.  She told me to go to a different doctor that would actually do something.  Yesterday, I had an appointment with him to get the in-grown part of my nail cut out.  To my surprise, after that operation, I was not only missing a small chunk of nail, but he had decided to rip the whole thing out.  He insists it´s better this way so that the nail doesn´t just enter into the flesh again, and while I have my doubts, I pretty much believe him.  I had to walk in flipflops for the past week, but now it´s pretty much healed, and I can wear shoes again.  It will be a few more weeks, however, before I can play fútbol again.

Also to those of you who are wondering why I haven´t written home about this until now, it´s simply because I didn´t want anyone worrying about the poor missionary walking all over Bolivia with only 9/10 toenails.  Now, however, there is no need to worry, it it healed-ish and no longer infected.  It is as the nurse-lady said, "¡Gracias a Dios que no se infectó cuando Usted estaba caminando tanto!"  Yes, nurse-lady, Gracias a Dios indeed.

Omar y Maria

We have an awesome family of investigators who have come to church twice now.  The parents (Omar and Maria) have to get married before they can get baptized (an all-too-common problem here), but I have all confidence that they will be getting both married and baptized in the coming weeks.  I will be sure to talk about them more in the coming weeks, but now it sufficeth me to say (sorry the only English that I ever see now is from the scriptures, so I can´t think of a phrase better than ´sufficeth me to say´) that they are super humble even unto the humility of children and they are doing everything they can to accept the gospel of Christ in their lives.

Stay tuned to see what happens next with Omar y Maria and my adventures in Yacuiba, Bolivia.

Elder Casdorph

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