Monday, December 31, 2012

Falta de Llaves

I was supposed to have a baptism a few days ago on Saturday, but as we went to fill up the baptismal font, we found that the keys to the font were not included in the keychain that the Branch President gave us.  We called him and asked if he had the keys to the font.  He replied that every key that he had was on that keychain, so if it wasn´t included on the chain, he didn´t have them.  We then proceeded to call and go to the house of other branch presidents, district presidency members, and basically every Mormon in the city of Yacuiba with the title of "president".  We eventually got the address of the District secretary who currently had all of the keys of the District president because the president was out of town (by the way district is like a small stake if you didn´t know).  He gave us the keys to open a closet that contained all of the original keys for the district.  There were about 80 keys there, beautifully hung and labeled.  We frantically searched all of the labels, frantically searching for the keys we needed.  None of them had anything to do with baptism or fonts.  We decided to try all of the keys, no importa what the labels said none of them worked.

Dismayed, I looked up at the foam tile ceiling, "Elder, do you think we can enter through the ceiling then open it from inside?" I said.

"I don´t know, but I kind of want to try," he replied.  My companion has a fear of heights and I happen to be quite good at climbing stuff, so we decided that I should be the one to go.  With some exertion and difficulty, I managed to climb up into the ceiling and then drop don on the other side of the door.  I tried to open the door and it turned out to be just as locked as it was on the other side.  I climbed back through the roof and rejoined my companion.  We then had to go to the investigator´s house and explain to him that for falta de llaves, we couldn´t do the baptism and that it would have to do it next week.  Dismayed, but understanding, he replied,"OK, next week."

Elder Casdorph

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