Monday, December 17, 2012

A Bunch of Huasca

We had a conference my zone, which consists of 8 elders, and the president.  We were taught a bunch, given a bunch of huasca (which basically means verbal punishment, but I can´t remember a good way to say it in English, so huasca), and then we played some futbol with the president and he took us out to a nice dinner. In summary, it was a good conference.

In other news, Dragon Hitler Fernandez will be getting baptised this Saturday and then Elber Choque will be getting baptised the following saturday.  It´s crazy hot here, but I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity that I have to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ here.

I hope that all is going well in this Christmas Season and bid all of you a Merry Christmas,

Elder Casdorph

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