Monday, January 21, 2013

The 1st Book of Nephi

We have a family who are the parents and siblings of a 23 year old who got baptized in Santa Cruz and then during the week that he was here in Yacuiba introduced us to his family and did what he could to help teach them and share his testimony with them.  We had been talking especially with his dad, Cruz, but he wasn´t keeping his commitments, especially with the Libro de Mormón.  We were thinking about dropping him, but we decided to give him 1 more chance to prove his desire to come unto Christ.  We asked him if he had been reading and I was expecting the usual answer of, "I didn´t have any time," or "I forgot."
He said quite nonchalantly, "Yeah, I read the 1st book of Nephi."

"Do you mean the 1st chapter or the first page?"

"No, I´m pretty sure it was the first book, it was like 60-ish pages."

*Cough of suprise* "Yeah, hermano, that would be the first book....."

People here hardly know how to read, we leave them 2 verses to read and they can´t do it. He only has about a 4th grade education and doesn´t read that well either, but he read and Understood more than 60 pages of scripture! 3 days!

In other news, la familia Huanca, the family that had to get married, still doesn´t have their papers in order.  We´ll keep visiting them every once in a while, but now, they know everything and have testimonies, so the rest is in their hands to get their papers and get married.

 Anyway things are going fairly well here except for a whole ton of rain, and...

Until Next Time
Elder Casdorph

p.s. I discovered that at you can buy church materials online and with free shipping, so if anyone wanted to buy, I don´t know... some pictures of the Cochabamba temple, some Santa Biblias, or some himnarios, and then send them to a missionary with free shipping, it would be theoretically possible.

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