Monday, January 14, 2013

Omar y Maria

Omar and Maria are super ready for baptism.  They now have a knowledge, understanding, and testimony of everything and are faithfully living all of the commandments except for one.  They need
to get married to stop breaking the Law of Chastity, and really want to get married, but as is rather common here, the necessary legal papers for their marriage are messed up.  The birth certificate of
the hermano has his dad´s name written down wrong.  He went to the center of legal papers and stuff (I believe it´s called a Civil Registry, but in Spanish it´s Registro Civil) in Tarija about an hour
and a half away Sunday night.  I will see how that worked out in our appointment tonight, but as it stands now, I may or may not have a baptism of a family of 4 this Saturday.  They came to church this Sunday, and if we get all of the papers in order, the will be getting married and baptized this Saturday with a branch party afterwards to congratulate them.

While tracting we came across this house with a monkey in the yard, it wanted to come greet us, but it was tied to a tree.  I decided to toss it a life-savor like candy that I had in my pocket.  The monkey walked over to the candy, picked it up, sniffed it, and then went into his little treehouse where he ate it.  If you zoom in on the picture, you can see a green blur that is the candy.

Sadly, it looks like I´m not gonna be able to send the other pics I have, because this computer doesn´t have Chrome, and Firefox isn´t working, so I´m stuck with internet explorer which just keeps telling me that I need to install Chrome to do anything, but it´s not my computer, so I can´t.

[Descriptions Jack sent to me before realizing he wouldn't be able to send the pictures:]

Another house had this monstrous cactus tree, I took a pic.

I killed a rather large fly that was in our house.  It was super-green and shiny, so I took a pic.

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