Monday, August 26, 2013


It got cold again here and weather was a bit tough for my companion.  Where he comes from (Cartajena, Colombia) it´s never cold, so the cold here has been pretty unbearable for him. Just when it was starting to get hot again, and he was feeling a bit better, the cold and rain came back.  The cold here isn´t all that bad, but the rain is miserable because all of the streets flood with water and become like rivers.  As we left the house to proselyte Friday, we found ourselves in the bitter cold and pouring rain. As we arrived at the only paved street in our area, we found it completely flooded with absolutely now way of crossing on foot without the cold, rushing water filling our shoes completely.  As I tried to call a taxi to offer him 2 pesos to take us to the other side of the street, I noticed my companion walking away.  I ran to him and asked him where he was going.  "I´m going to the house," he said.

After trying everything I knew how to do to convince him that we weren´t just gonna give up and go home, I found that I couldn´t do anything because he had decided that we were going back home and as I tried to reason with him he just ignored me kept walking back to the house.  I decided to give my companion some time to warm up back in the house and as he did so, I helped our landlord change the mosquito nets on the windows. Afterward, when he still didn´t want to leave the house, I decided to call the zone leaders who then called the mission president.  We later received a call from the mission president who said that he wanted to talk to Elder Jaime.  I don´t know exactly what the mission president told him, but the next day we got back to work as normal, and I´ve been spending the last few days trying to lift my companion back up from his discouragement. He´s doing better now, but it´s been tough.

In other news we have an investigator who will be getting married friday (her husband is a less-active member) and getting baptized Saturday.

Elder Casdorph

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