Monday, April 29, 2013

Taxi Llena 2 y Jardín del Sur

We had transfers this week, I got sent to the area Jardín Del Sur, Cañoto in Santa Cruz.  My new companion is Elder Ramos from Sucre, Bolivia.  He has only 6 weeks in the mission and I will be finishing the other 6 weeks of his training.  He´s a very good missionary, but lacks a bit more training.  I had the pleasure of arriving in an area with a baptism on Saturday.  Arriving to the baptism, I broke my personal record of the most people crammed in a Toyota Corolla Taxi.  We had 1 taxi driver, 8 adults, 4 children and a baby all crammed into the taxi and the hatchback.  It also appears that when the mission splits in June, that I will most likely be part of Santa Cruz South because I am currently in the Southern part of the mission.

Hasta el próximo,
Elder Casdorph

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