Monday, April 1, 2013

Monedero de Chicos

The highlight of this week would have to be a very unique service opportunity that I had this week.  About 5 months ago, I decided to make a monedero (coin purse) for my money, because the monetary system here is primarily coin based and the trifold, George Costanza, wallet didn´t work very well for the coin system here.  I took note of the basic design of the coin purses that many have here, and made my own with the plastic cover of a notebook and some super glue to make it look pretty (I would send some photos, but none of the USB parts in this computer work).  Later (when I was sick with dengue, we had Carnival, my companion had a throat infection, and my companion was sick with dengue) I had tons of free time, so I came up with a new design and made a coin purse wallet thing for the elders in my district out of cereal boxes and a badly printed Libro de Mormón that we had in the house.

My companion pulled his out the other day, and it called the attention of a couple nearby kids in the street who asked me if I could teach them to make one.  I told them to bring me a cereal box and some scissors, and after running to their house they quickly returned with cereal boxes and scissors.  I made a couple coin purse wallet things and then we asked if we could talk to their parents.  Their parents were busy working, but they seemed quite impressed that a couple of missionaries were willing to teach a couple of kids in the street, and we invited them to the church and English class.

- Elder Casdorph

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