Monday, March 25, 2013

Borrachito Sanito

[Translation: Drunk sanito... (my guess is 'crazy drunk,' but Google Translate refuses to back me up. -- Andrea]

This week we got to go to Santa Cruz in a big, comfy tour bus to listen to Elder Waddel, who is a member of the quorum of the seventy and the 1st counselor in the South America Northwest Area.  During the 8 hour trip, we enjoyed the rare chance to sleep, and the much rarer chance to watch the pirated DVD´s that they show on the buses.  The next day we went to the conference with Elder Waddel, which was fantastic.  The following day, we took another 8 hr bus ride back to Yacuiba, where we enjoyed more sleep, movies, and a chance to see a whole bunch of tiny Bolivian towns and the beautiful eastern Bolivian countryside.

A couple of months ago, I sent home a story of being chased by a drunk guy.  Yesterday, we were looking for a different person, and having forgotten where the drunk guy lived, we knocked on his door.  We talked a bit, and he invited us to enter and teach him a bit.  As we started to talk to him in his house, I started thinking, "I think I know this guy" then I bit later, I realized, "This is the crazy drunk guy that chased us for like 10 blocks!"  Shortly after this realization, he started to say, "I´m sorry for my conduct the other day.  I was really drunk and I wasn´t with all of my 5 senses.  I felt really bad for how I treated you and your other companion, and I´m actually really surprised that you guys came back."

I honestly did not have the slightest intention of ever returning to the house of that crazy drunk guy, but after accidentally (and probably not coincidentally) knocking his door and then teaching him a good lesson, I´m glad that I did return.  It shows that people really can change and also the crazy, awful things that normally good people choose to do while under the influence of alcohol.

Elder Casdorph

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