Monday, March 4, 2013

Dengue Parte 2: La Venganza Del Dengue

In this last month with my contraction of Dengue, Carnival, and my companion´s throat infection, we had just about as much time stuck in the house as we had working.  My companion decided to add to that by joining the not-so-exclusive list of missionaries who have had Dengue.  The only day that I got to leave and teach was when we decided to do a companion exchange with the zone leaders after meeting them in the doctors office and discovering that one of them was also sick with Dengue.  We decided to put the 2 sick elders together so that I and the other healthy one could go out and work.

In this day of work we decided to go out and look for a referral that one of our investigators gave us.  Like many referrals, this one did not include an address or a phone number but rather, "Go to where bus number 2 turns onto this street, ask the lady in the store on the corner where they live and she should tell you."  Despite the unlikelihood of actually being able to find the house, we decided to look.  We took the bus to the described location and got off.  We looked around for a store in the corner and there were no stores to be found.  We decided to ask a lady selling chicken nearby if she happened to know where they lived.  She knew nothing, but a nearby 8 yr old kid said that he knew where it was.  I didn´t trust the kid much, but he was pretty much our only hope for finding the house, so I pulled a couple of candies out of my pocket and announced (still talking to the chicken lady, but in a voice loud enough that the kid could easily hear) that I had a couple of candies that I was willing to give to anyone who could take us to the house.  The little kid, gladly offered to help us and then took us right to the house.  After confirming that our referral actual lived there, we gave the kid the promised candy and he went on his merry way with his mouth full of candy and his hand full of empty wrappers.

I am confident that the Lord had a hand in guiding us to this sweet-toothed, tour guide kid.

Elder Casdorph

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