Monday, March 11, 2013

Built upon the Rock

The highlight of the week for most of the Yacibueños and for us as well was a city wide blackout this Saturday in the night/ afternoon.  We were visiting a mechanic who accepted us in his home, but then said that he had to finish something important with an engine before conversing with us and asked us to wait a few minutes.  We waited 15 minutes for him to finish and then just as he sat down to talk with us all of the lights went out.  We then taught an entire lesson (and a pretty good one too) by the light of his little LED flashlight in his cell phone.  As we left his house we found ourselves in the rain in a muddy, dirt road.  We knew that the road also had a bunch of rocks of different sizes from when we arrived at the house in the light, but now we couldn´t see a thing.  Just about the only thing that we could see was the main road far in the distance that we could see because of the headlights of the passing cars.  Slipping in mud and tripping over rocks we managed to arrive at the road without falling, but with many close calls.

I wanted to use this story to teach an awesome object lesson like the General Authorities always do in General Conference.  The awesome object lesson will probably have to wait for a few years, so I can have a better perspective of the experience and maybe a few gray hairs to give me some more wisdom.  The experience did remind me, however, of a part in Preach My Gospel that says that we must walk by faith and not by sight.  I firmly believe that although we may stumble and slip in rocks and mud, that if we are built upon the Rock that is Christ our Lord, we cannot fall (Heleman 5:12)

Elder Casdorph

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