Monday, March 18, 2013

Donatión de Sangre

Not much has happened here in Yacuiba, other than that it is getting cold now.  We only had 1 investigator in Sacrament meeting, her name is Amberly (a surprisingly gringo name) and she is 11 years old.  She is the daughter of a less active and will be getting baptized on the 30th.

They also recently announced the Papa Gaucho (Argentinian Pope) which got all of the Catholics here, especially the Argentinians (of which there are many as we are on the border with Argentina) all excited.

The highlight of the week was that as we were eating lunch, the family that we were with was watching the news, and we saw that in a nearby park, they were asking for blood donations.  We decided to go and donate, and by "we", I mean me, because my companion has a severe fear of needles.  We thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some new people to teach, give the church and missionaries a good name, and most importantly save some lives.  As they were testing my blood, I noticed that they were doing the same test many times and that they were somewhat confused.  I overheard them saying stuff like "the test says that he´s type negative, so I did it again".  Overhearing this, I replied, "yeah, my blood is O negative".  Apparently nobody in this part of the world has negative blood, especially O negative.  They said that there are only like 7 other people in the whole department of Tarija (departments are kind of like States) with the same blood type.  I was then treated as part king and part scientific specimen as they took my blood.  We were able to meet some great new people and now probably all of the nurses and doctors will remember the skinny Mormon gringo with O negative blood the next time that a missionary knocks on their door and be a bit more likely to open the door.

Elder Casdorph

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