Monday, May 20, 2013

Micro Privado

We had a bit of a crazy week this week.  The highlight was a couple of baptisms on Saturday.  Saturday morning we found out that the baptismal clothing that we thought that ward had had somehow been lost, so we called a bunch of other missionaries to find someone with baptismal clothing.  We were able to find the needed clothing, but the other Elders couldn´t give it to us until 7:00, the same time that we had planned to start the baptism.  We had to go the houses of a couple investigators from at about 6:15 and later, go to the house of the two girls that were getting baptized at 6:30 to go to the church prepare a couple of things for the baptism at 7.  We were running late and didn´t go to the 1st house until 6:37.  We arrived at the 2nd house at 6:51, but they weren´t ready to leave until 7:09.  We then went to wait for the bus that would take us to the church, but after 7, there are very few bus drivers that are still working.  We waited unit about 7:20, and a few, buses passed by, but they weren´t working anymore, just going back home to rest.  We thought about taking a taxi, but we hat 10 adults and a couple of kids with us and there was no way that we could all fit in 1 taxi.  I said a small prayer that we would be able to find away to get to the baptism.  About 30 seconds later, another bus came.  This bus driver was headed home as well, but since we were so many people, he was willing to not only take us, but also to take us directly to the church rather than take the normal bus route because nobody else was in the bus.

We arrived at the baptism 1/2 hr late, worried that there would be a bunch of people waiting outside in the cold (it´s fairly cold here right now) because we never came to open the doors.  To our surprise, we found the church open , the invited guests waiting patiently and the needed baptismal clothing folded on a table.  The baptism went off without a hitch, and one of the newly baptized girls gave one of the most powerful testimonies that I have ever heard.

We should be having a couple more baptisms this week, and hope to have a little bit less stress before-hand, but the same basic results.

Elder Casdorph

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