Monday, May 27, 2013

Sin Título

I was trying to come up with a semi-witty title in Spanish for this week´s letter to put in the subject bar like I usually do, but nothing comes to mind.  We honestly had a pretty boring week, but boring in a good way because we were so busy teaching people this week that there wasn´t any time for any crazy, interesting experiences.

We were supposed to have 2 baptisms Saturday, but they both got postponed for the next Saturday.  1 of them (Zenón a 17 kid) was postponed because the investigator needed to learn a couple more things before getting baptised.  The other (Carlos 21 yrs) because his dad, who had been somewhat opposing our efforts as well as his son´s decision to join the church,  decided a day before the baptism that he actually wanted to support his son and go to his baptism, but he wouldn´t be able to go to the baptism, so we postponed it to allow his dad to come and support him.  We are now doing everything we can to make sure that Zenón and Carlos can get baptised this Saturday along with Pablo, another 16 year old kid.

Things are a bit interesing as we are waiting for the mission to split at the end of June and they still haven´t decided whether the zone where I am will be part of the Northern or Southern mission.

All is going well with training Elder Ramos.  He is an excellent missionary, and I am sure that he will be training too very soon.

Anyway, that´s basically what´s going on with me here, in Santa Cruz, and I would like to hear a bit more about what is going on with all of you back in the States.

Cuidense, [take care of yourself]
Elder Casdorph

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