Monday, May 13, 2013


The higlight of my week, was proabably having nigua (a little worm that lives in the sand and enters people´s feet) in my foot. Tuesday, I discovered a painful little mark in my foot, that looked kindof like a black zit.  Thinking that it my be a spider bite, or something, I asked a member what he thought it was.

He responded that it was nigua, which is apparently a little worm that likes to enter people´s feet and then gradually grow bigger until somebody plucks it out or after a week or so, it leaves on its own.  I went to the doctor who confirmed that it was nigua, and then started picking away at my foot with a needle trying to find the little, black worm beneath the surface. After finding it, he plucked the worm,and a small chunk of flesh out with tweezers.  I was only able to see the worm for a small moment before it jumped from the tweezers and we weren´t able to find it more.  Now after having dengue and nigua, I hope that the Bolivian bugs can leave me alone for a while, but I also like the crazy experiences that Bolivia never fails to give me.

Elder Casdorph

[Note from the editor: don't Google search for a picture.  You really don't want to see it.]

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