Monday, October 21, 2013

El mismo Bermejo

Very little to report here.  Everything is pretty much the same here in Bermejo.  Everything is going great between Elder Brasher and I.  Many of our investigators stopped progressing, so in this week, we were starting over finding new people and knocking a TON of doors.  It is interesting because my companion and I actually really like knocking doors.  Elder Brasher has a special rock that he uses to knock the doors that he has carried around with him for like 10 months now.  I also have my own toca-puerta(doorknocker) that is a rusty, old bolt that I have been carrying aroung in my pocket every day for a couple of months.  We have found some great, new investigators in this week, and we will see how things go with them.

It´s hot here now. Really hot. And they say that it´s only gonna get hotter.  There is honestly very little to report here, especially because my computer keeps randomly turning off every 8 minutes, but I promise an awesome email full of exciting stories next week.

Elder Casdorph

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