Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Noche Blancazo

In the zone of Bermejo (by the way I´m zone leader now), we are planning a noche blanco (white night), which is a day when a whole ton of people get baptized, for November 16.  We have been trying to excite the zone for a few weeks to search and teach like crazy to prepare people to be baptized the 16th.  Right now, we have more that 20 people with baptismal dates to be baptized the 16th.  In the 3 months before I arrived in Bermejo, only 1 person got baptized, September was 5 people, and October was 4 people.  Now we´re talking 20 the same day.  All of the members and missionaries are super-pumped for the 16th and my companion and I as the zone leaders have promised that if we have more that 20 baptisms that day, we will call the mission president and beg him to come to Bermejo to preside the baptismal service.

I´ll let you all know next week if we´re gonna have the 20 that we´re hoping for.

Elder Casdorph

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