Monday, April 7, 2014


It´s getting harder to find new and exciting things to write about every week.  We hada pretty good week, and I enjoyed conference a lot.  We made a whole ton of plans to help our investigators go to conference, but despite our best plans and efforts, only 1 investigator came....and due to his age(62) and health problems, he ended up sleeping for most of conference.  Sometimes the missionary work is that, way, sometimes we make plans and goals with no results, and other times we see miracles that we never could have planed or even imagined.  While being a missionary is sometimes hard it is always rewarding and while I´ve thankfully never had to go through experiences quite as dificult as those poor sister missionaries in Elder Holland's talk, I'd happily go through them for the Lord.

In respect to general conference, I would actually like to share a story with you all that I shared with my zone a few days ago  (Credit for the story goes to my old companion Elder Aquino, and he probably stole the story from someone else):

There was once a group of ducks who every thursday gathered together for their duck club meeting.  Every week they shared experiences that they had had in the week as well as thing that they had learned.  One week, one of the duck-club members stood up to share what he had learned:

"Fellow ducks!  I discovered this week that if we take our right and left wings and move them up and down simultaneously, we can fly!"

He then demostrated his newfound knowledge by flapping is wings and lifting himself off the ground.

The room soon electrified with emotion as all of the ducks discovered that they indeed had the capacity to fly!

After a about half an hour they all calmed down again, fineshed the meeting, and then went back home walking.


In general conference we all heard or felf spiritual impressions about what it is that we need to fly.  We felt it!  We learned how to fly!

and then many went home walking.  If you liked a certain talk, apply it.  If you felt that you should do something, do it.

I personally liked what Elder Ballard said about writing about what one is learning in Preach my Gospel to a missionary in the field.  It made me notice that I, as the missionary in the field, am not doing my part to write what I have learned to all of you.

Don´t go back home walking.  I'm gonna do my best to fly by sharing the things that I have learned with all of you, so stay tuned for next week.

Elder Casdorph

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