Monday, April 14, 2014

Familia Rivero

I can finally put the name of some investigators int he subjest line again.  We were struggling a bit in out area, but now we are doing a whale lot better, and the Rivero family came to church tis Sunday and will be getting baptised May 3rd.  The success with them has very little to do with us, and a lot to do with a member family that is helping them a lot.  (all credit of course goes to the Lord, not any of us)

I don´t have time to write anything , so to see what happened with the family you will have to translate what I wrote to my mission perisident:

El Sábado tuvimos una cita a las 6 con la familia Rivero (familia de oro) y pedimos a la familia Rodriguez que nos acompaña (sus hermanadores que ya conocieron la casa porque no habían acompañado antes). Llegamos MUY tarde a la cita, porque la menos activa ni los miembros que nos acompañaron en nuestra cita a la 5 dejaron de hablar para que pudieramos terminar la lección. Decidimos ver primero sí los investigadores estaban en casa (porque ya era las 7), y luego llamar a los miembros y pedirles que vengan.

Llegamos a la casa, y el padre salió a recibirnos. "¿Hermanos quieren pasar?"
"Claro que sí, hermano," dije, "pero vamos a llamar a la familía que vino con nosotros el otro día para ver si pueden verin tambien."
Respondió, "Oh, ¿el hermano Ausencio? ya vinieron. salieron justo antes que llegaron ustedes. Dicen que van a venir mañana para llevernos a toditos a la iglesia en su auto." 


On Saturday we had an appointment at 6 with the Rivero family (golden family) and asked the Rodriguez family with us (their hermanadores already knew the house because they had not joined earlier). We arrived very late for an appointment, or because the less active members who joined us on our date to the 5th stop talking so we could finish the lesson. We decided to first see if the researcher were home (because it was 7), and then call members and ask them to come.

We got home, and the father came out to meet us. "Brothers want to spend?"
"Sure, brother," I said, "but let's call a friend who came with us the other day to see if they can also verin."
Replied, "Oh, Brother Auxentios? Already came. Came out just before you arrived. They say they're coming tomorrow to toditos llevernos to the church in his car."

Elder Casdorph

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