Monday, April 21, 2014


Not much has changed in the last week.  The Rivero family has been progressing quite well, and want to get married and baptized, but they couldn´t go to church because they had to go to the hospital with their 11 year old daughter that was sick with dengue.

I learned an important lesson in the book of Mormon this week about the need for member missionaries.

Alma was Preaching in Amonihan, but the people rejected him saying:

 Who art thou? Suppose ye that we shall believe the testimony ofaone man, although he should preach unto us that the earth should pass away?


Who is God, that sendeth no more authority than one man among this people, to declare unto them the truth of such great and marvelous things?

Afterward, however, Amulek, a great member misionary, bore his tesimony with the people and the following succeded:

And now, when Amulek had spoken these words the people began to be astonished, seeing there was amore than one witness who testified of the things whereof they were accused, and also of the things which were to come, according to the spirit of prophecy which was in them. (Alma 9:2,6; Alma 10:12)

Try helping a missionary out by offering your testimony and you will see miracles.

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